A Pain-Free Life

A Pain-Free Life

Until we’ve experienced pain, we don’t truly value the simple pleasures of life.

A restful nights’ sleep, laughter, driving in a car, standing in line, bending down to speak to a child, airplane rides, walking in the park, golfing, running, …or just simply LIVING without the constant reminder of pain.

My own passion and reason for doing what I do, comes from my own experience with pain…both physical and emotional.

When the initial pain hits, we are still hopeful for an answer. Sometimes we’re lucky. Sometimes it becomes our LIFE. After years trying every new pain relief treatment available and spending thousands of dollars, we become distrustful and hopeless.  In my situation, at 37-year-old, I was prepared to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, but when I looked at my children, seeing MY hopelessness reflected in THEIR eyes… I pressed on.

Thankfully, I found the source of my pain. With a necessary surgical procedure and six months of weekly massages, I became pain-free.

It was this moment… when I got my life back… free of pain, that I devoted my life, to help others… to hang on to hope, and to do everything in my power to elevate their pain….so that THEY too could live again… FREE of PAIN!

Life is precious… A life free of pain, makes the “simple pleasures”.. priceless.