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Barb Daly Williams LMT, Medical Intuitive

Since I was a child, I've been able to feel pain in others. I have also learned to feel imbalances in both the physical and energetic body. With years of experience and determination, I have found a way to alleviate many pain-related issues in a very short time.

I begin by listening intently to how my clients relay their issues. Word choice, along with subtle body language, begins to give me a clue to the problem at hand. My goal is not to diagnose the issue, but to return balance to the entire body.

Using 23 years of experience with more than 15,800 treatments, I am keenly aware of muscular irregularities that cause pain, but on a deeper level, when I touch my client, I intuitively find the cause of pain.

This is why I'm unique. When all other avenues have left my clients hopeless, I will NOT rest until I have found the source of their pain. Once the source is found, the rest is easy.

I simply use the heat and energy from my hands to melt tissue that has hardened over time, many times due to injury, surgeries, or just wear and tear. Results are immediate and often permanent.

I've taken on every issue presented to me, and if I think I can't resolve the issue, I will refer the client to someone who can. When all hope is gone…. Find it again with InTouch Therapy.