Pain Management & Massage Therapy

Pain Management & Massage Therapy
Barb Daly Williams

My experience with both acute and chronic pain has given me empathy and a ready ear for pain in others, both emotionally and physically. My frustration in trying to be heard or believed left me with a desire to genuinely listen and validate the pain in others. Experience as a mother, teacher, and interpreter for the deaf, and finally, my experiences working in the Emergency Room all have given me insight and intuition to understand the body on a non-verbal, intuitive level.

The powerful, soothing effects of touch during traumas of the ER left a lasting impact on me that would eventually steer me toward the work that I do today. I am thankful for every experience that left me with an intense desire to bring HOPE and a way out of pain to others. It is my curiosity, stubbornness, passion, and sheer grit that drive me to find a way to help others so that they, too, may live a life free of pain.

-Barb Daly Williams

Barb Daly Williams

Energy Cradling (Pain Relief)

We provide a specialized and honest treatment approach for various concerns, with a commitment to efficient relief and referrals if needed.

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Barb Daly Williams has the gift of pain relief. Her compassionate approach begins with listening and believing.

Barb Daly Williams

Feel Better After Your First Treatment, Guaranteed

You will feel better. You will experience pain relief. You will be validated and listened to. Guaranteed.

Barb Daly Williams

For Golfers, Tennis Players, Runners, and Athletes

Improve your game. Compete at your highest level. Enjoy your active life. Play pain-free.

Barb Daly Williams

How to Get the Most Out of Your Treatment

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Barb Daly Williams

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Barb Daly Williams

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I have known Barb for almost two decades. She is singly one of the most intuitive therapists I have ever met. Barb is dedicated to help people change their lives through “InTouch Therapy.”

Dr Todd Frisch

Barb has helped my back pain. I have referred family, friends and patients with great success.

Dr Todd Stewart, Neurosurgeon

Barb is a talented intuitive healer.

She has helped me with my back pain, hip pain and though pregnancy discomfort.

I overall feel much more balanced and pain free seeing Barb monthly and have recommended her to many friends and family.

Thank you Barb for all you do!

Dr Warren

As a doctor I fully understand that some individuals have the gift to heal.

Barb is such an individual.

Her healing touch and massage have helped my patients and myself experience healing relief. Thank you Barb.

Dr. Thoma

Barb has been my go-to solution for pain relief and holistic healing for over 13 years.

I've entrusted her to help me heal from childbirth, knee surgery, and a myriad of other complex issues and injuries.

I've recommended her treatments to countless friends and family over the years and will confidently continue to do so.

She creates a safe and professional environment that welcomes those who are desperate for solutions to their struggles with pain.

Barb is truly gifted at uncovering the source of one's pain and has an unwavering commitment to providing relief.

My quality of life is truly enriched by my treatments with Barb. I am grateful beyond measure to know her and experience the benefits of her work.

Erin B.

Barb doesn’t just give you a massage— it’s a massage on a physical AND spiritual level so that by the time she is finished , you feel completely replenished and tranquil.

I have been going to her for at least 10 years and there is really no one else like her🥰

Mary P.

I am one of Barb’s first clients and have sought her help and healing touch for intermittent neck, shoulder, and hip pain through the years.

I always feel better after a session, and no problem has remained chronic.

The time Barb spends to activate the power of energy, imagery, deep breathing, and trust in a 90-minute session allows space for healing.

I am amazed at her intuition and I value the benefits of craniosacral connection and energy work in balance with the muscle work.

Thank you Barb!

Diane M.

St Louis, MO

I have been seeing Barb weekly, for almost 15 years now. She has helped me maintain my mobility and keep my pain levels down.

I do a 2 hour session every week and it has been well worth the money!

She keeps me functioning. I really appreciate all she has done for me.

Gloria Knutti

Most massage therapists expect their clients to feel better after a session, but Barb’s expectations are much greater–she works to make her clients heal.

Kate Garrett (Frozen Shoulder)

Thank you for your amazing work and contribution in the healing of my frozen shoulder. After spending seven months at physical therapy and 2 cortisone shots from my orthopedic group I was urged by my physical therapist to go see you. I’m so glad I did after 3 visits we we’re seeing vast improvements. After approximately 10 treatments I was able to move my shoulder at about 90% of full range. The rest came quickly with continued exercise. I would recommend anyone suffering from this see you. The only other option I had before seeing you was surgery. Thanks again, you’re amazing.

Craig Watts

I wanted to thank you for your expertise with helping my lower back pain go from a pain factor of 9 on a scale of 1-10 down to a 1-2 after just one visit! This is truly amazing! I have been getting massages regularly and have never gotten rid of the back pain that I normally have. After years of playing sports, running, working out and riding horses my back really has taken a beating. I was truly amazed with the way I felt the heat & energy radiate from your hands while working the sore parts of my lower back. You actually worked on my glutes and legs that helped with my back? That is amazing! You knew exactly where to apply your massage therapy to help my lower back. If I would not have seen your ad saying (Have you ever been dissatisfied with a massage) I would not have heard of your business. I am glad I found you and look forward to my next visit.

D. Sanders

I came to Barb for help with recurring pain in my right hip and IT band. I had tried everything I could think of to tackle the pain—starting with a visit to my regular doctor (X-Rays showed nothing), then moving to physical therapy, a chiropractor, acupuncture, and several massage therapists over a period of 3 years. At best, I got some minor relief, but never complete improvement, and the pain always came back.

I was skeptical that Barb could help me after my burnout with massage therapists in the past. But it became clear very quickly that Barb has a gift and is not just another massage therapist. While I was still on the table, I could feel the heat and vibration in her hands working on my body. After the first session, the pain was much improved, but not completely gone. Barb was very upfront and honest, telling me that if after three sessions I wasn’t completely better, then she couldn’t help me. Well, it only took two—since my second session with Barb, I have been completely pain-free!

Even though my particular problem has been solved, I plan to continue seeing Barb as my regular massage therapist. She is not married to a particular technique—instead; she works with MY body, tailoring her work to my specific needs. The result is utter relaxation. Whether you are looking for pain relief or simply pampering for your mind, body and spirit, you can do no better than Barb at In Touch Therapy!

Amanda, Professor

Calming Sounds

Barb Daly Williams