Athletes come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. I have clients that are professional athletes, I have mothers that run marathons, teens in school sports, golfers, and tennis players… but ALL have 2 things in common.

Pain and/or the desire to enhance their game.

I work with both.

“It’s a thrill to see once active clients back doing what they love. To see a golfer enhance his game with better perception, a runner have more lung expansion, a tennis player with a more fluid swing, and to help a teen with his knee that isn’t tracking correctly.”

I work with the body on many levels… for the athletes, it’s usually three areas. Physically, Energetically and Perception.

I listen closely to how they relay the problem, and then with practical experience and a lot of intuition, I use my hands to find and relieve the source of the physical pain.
Sometimes the energy field is weak, off balance or blocked in some way. I feel the imbalance, and similar to acupuncture, except with my hands… I balance the energy field.

For perception and Hand/Eye coordination…I work with the cranial bones and the energy of the brain. To me, it feels like an electrical pulse…one side might feel slow and sticky, while the other side feels like the sparks off a firecracker…I cradle the head until all I feel is balance. Without exception….every client has felt the effect of this work.

It is challenging and rewarding to work with all athletes. Whether they are amateur, professional, or even clients just starting to realize the importance of staying active, I am honored to be a part of the process.