Barb Daly Williams

Children Healing Children

The commotion over my shoulder triggered the part of me that knew… SOMEONE was very hurt, AND the sensations building in my body told me I could help.

What people would think about me, or how silly I would soon look…meant nothing at all. Someone was hurt. I could help. It’s was as simple as that! Like a baby in the street. If YOU have the ability to save her…nothing would stop you. You would run.

Josie, the girly, tomboy of the house had just been brought in, stomped on her foot by her horse. Already her foot was extremely swollen and had turned purple in minutes. The hoof mark was still visible along with 2 one inch cuts above her arch.

I offered my help and immediately felt the energy around her foot. Without touching her, I slowly pulled what felt like strings of electric current coming out of her foot. In less than a minute Josie calmed… and I because I knew what I was going to see, I looked at her face…It’s always the same. …The look of AWE. I smiled as if to say…..I agree

The awe we felt, is not about us. It’s about a feeling, a knowing that there’s more to life than we thought before. That just because we can’t see or explain something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Most importantly, we KNEW that this energy, this vibration we felt was REAL and nothing to fear.

Josie felt the pull, the tug, the pressure as it released. Josie squealed. So did I. We were wrapped in our own world, oblivious of anything around us. We just felt, and shared, knowing that we were experiencing something that would change us forever.

The Children
With the acute pain alleviated and her foot feeling a bit anesthetized, we moved to a comfortable recliner, a PERFECT time to let Josie know that SHE can do, what I just did. Josie’s eyes light up with excitement as I begin to explain but, then…. I am aware of a small group of young girls surrounding us, curious and open.

One by one I show the girls how to feel the energy coming off Josie’s foot. One by one they all got a chance to heal Josie. As they worked on Josie, not only did they learn that they could feel energy, but Josie’s squeals when they pulled the pain out, proved without a doubt that THEY too can heal a friend in need.

24 hours later, sitting in the same recliner, I asked about Josie. As if right on cue..she came running….yes, running around the corner. The foot?? NO bruising. NO swelling. NO pain…just two little scratches left behind, to remind us of the miracle the day before.

I am always amazed at the natural healing. Always thankful, and always in awe, like it was the very first time.

For me, the biggest thrill came from the children. To help them see, that they ALREADY have within in them the ability to heal. That there is much more to life than they imagined….That they TOO can help a friend in need….THAT….. to me, is the miracle in the story.

In the photo attached… Look close….REALLY look close…I hope you see what I saw that day…Innocence, purity, trust, curiosity, and a childlike spirit. Is it any wonder, why I love children? Why they are my inspiration?

THIS, I know for sure…The day I stop being childlike, is the day I lose my gift. To ALL the children who have inspired me…..You know who you are…Thank you!