The Guarantee

The Guarantee

Why do I guarantee my work?

We as a society are bombarded with options to relieve pain.  We are spending too much money and time in the hopes of SOMETHING being effective, we have sometimes given up.

Knowing this… I want to PROVE to you that I can help.  I am keenly aware of what I’m effective with and what I’m not… I will not offer false hope… If I think I can help you…. I’ll tell you so, and guarantee the results!

If, for some reason, I am uncertain of your specific issue… I won’t guarantee my work, but I would encourage you try ONE session.

If you require surgery or have a tear or herniation… I’m happy to bring temporary relief, but am unable to guarantee it.

The results of my treatment are clear… If two days following the treatment you feel the SAME as the first day you came… what I do might not help you. IF, however…there is a small change that lasts, just two to three more sessions usually bring astounding results.

So how does it work?

First, I will spend time over the phone, listening…hearing your story…asking you questions as they relate to your issue.

Secondly, if I think I can help your issue…I make sure you’re willing to following the protocols.

1) You must be extremely hydrated. We will discuss this.

2) No exercise or workouts for 72 hours AFTER the treatment…Your body will still be changing and ANY strenuous activity will undo what we have done.

Lastly, the guarantee…

If after 72 hours… your pain is the SAME…. I will return your money.

You have nothing to lose except your pain.