Your Struggle

Your Struggle

We hear you and know your pain

What’s worse than pain? Not being believed…. listened to, or validated.

The worst part of my pain was the apathy from the medical community. I am the first to admit that occasionally we need medical intervention. The medical community saved my father’s life during an almost fatal heart attack. I worked in a hospital emergency room and saw countless reasons to applaud the medical community.


Sometimes, when our pain isn’t black and white…. when it doesn’t show up on an MRI or an X-Ray…… our invisible, but very real pain… is NOT validated or taken seriously. The frustration builds… along with hopelessness.

THIS… is where I come in… I am NOT a physician… I do NOT diagnose… I DO, however….. listen.

I spend whatever time it takes for you to tell your story. I believe you. I believe YOU know intuitively where and when the pain started. If you don’t’ know, I will ask you questions, trying to bring out a suppressed memory or incident that precipitated the pain. Either way…. I will do everything I can to reduce and hopefully eliminate your pain…. or I will refer you to someone who can.

If nothing else…you will be believed and you will have someone on your side, fighting for a life…. free of Pain.